Investor Talk

Investor talk is a programme where the top investors and venture capitalist firms will attend the festival and speak about angel investing and venture funding.

Angel One investor talk started and moderated by Mr. Pranjal Konwar, COO, IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, AssamStartup on the topic : “Challenges and Opportunities in Startup Funding” with the eminent speakers 

Mr. Prabhakar Tiwari, Chief Growth Officer, Angel One, Mumbai,
Mr. Anil Joshi, MD, Unicorn Ventures, Mumbai,
Mr. Sunit Jain, Founder, Gplus and
Mr. Nickson Sharma
, investment analyst, NEDFI venture capital limited on behalf of Mr. Prasanta Talukdar, AGM, NEDFI. 

They gave excellent insight to the various opportunities and adversities that are associated with startups.

Few glimses from the event

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