Northeast Startup Festival 2023: Phase 2


This Programme is prepared with a focus on ASEAN countries, as the road through Guwahati is opening up with the south East Asian countries; it’s the right time to organize an international meetup where bilateral trade and commerce is exchanged between India and the south East Asian countries. All the Northeastern states are boundaring with the neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Myanmar and indirectly connected with Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. There is a tremendous potential of this business opportunities for both the countries to exchange bilateral trade and commerce. The problem statements of the region will be showcased for startup teams across the ASEAN countries to come and present alternative solution to the problems faced by the government to solve. For Example: The Garbage dump of Boragoan , Guwahati is a problem for the Deepar beel area and this is creating pollution to the neighbouring areas . Teams can provide solution to work upon a model where the garbage are segregated and also keeps the environment safe and clean. For a product based company like a bhoot jolokia sauce can be showcased as a product for B2B sales in the neighbouring countries.



To work on developing the bridge between startup ecosystem of Northeast India with that of the South East Asian countries.


To work on different problem statements of the State through different startups with the participating startups.

This will be a platform for connecting the entrepreneurial associations across these countries. We would like to invite few delegates from these countries to Guwahati on an event where all the representatives will have interaction with different stakeholders of the state in terms of government organisations, public and private enterprises and startup companies and entrepreneurial associations.

The purpose of this programme is to develop the exchange programmes between the entrepreneurial ecosystem. So in this regards, we would like to welcome entreprenuers from the respective countries.

The following steps of the South East Asian connect collaborating with the startup ecosystem are:

  1. Collaborate with the start-up mission and government agencies dealing in the startup zone.
  2. A Meeting to be hosted in collaboration with the start-up agencies of the respective countries.
  3. Educational Exchange programmes among the universities of Northeast India to the South East Asian Countries.
  4. Create sister city concepts in exchanging the best practices of the ecosystem.
  5. Create avenues for brainstorming session in understanding the demographics of the ecosystem for collaboration among the entrepreneurs.
  6. A roadmap preparation for the exchange of the entrepreneurial and start-up ecosystem.

Following are the activities that will be conducted under the South East Asian Connect

  1. Phase 1: Webinar with all the countries in May2022- Completed.
  2. Phase 2: Working models to create a relationship between the trade associations by August2022- Completed.
  3. Phase 3: Invitation of delegates from the countries to Guwahati during the Northeast Startup Festival in Dec2023- Work in Progress
  4. Phase 4: MOU signoffs between trade associations – Work in Progress
  5. Phase 5: Road Rally from Guwahati – Bangkok – Singapore in Jan 2024.

We seek support from sponsors   to collaborate with the Northeast Startup Festival in making this plan achievable. The initial discussion work among the start-up community are in process.

South East Asian Connect Programme at Singapore is an initiative to build a bridge between the entreprenuers of the two startup ecosystem Northeast India and Singapore startup ecosystem which can generate trade and commerce between the two ecosystem.

We would like to meet some of the entrepreneurs , start-up founders in a networking coffee meetup to understand the two ecosystem requirements and how the two can be benefitted in a symbiotic way .Our recent event in 25th to 26th March2023 :


Few programmes were organised in the past considering the South East Asian Connect .

Details :  


Our Concept on the mode of Collaboration are:

  1. Partnership & collaboration through networking events, webinar series on the products and services that are collaborated between our startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem and your ecosystem.

Sl no.

Startup Networking Meetup – Pre event meetup at Singapore
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Time (IST)


Interactive session from 6PM to 8PM on 29th May2023

6:00PM- 6:30PM


Context Setting by Mr. Pankaj Gogoi , Founder , Northeast Startup Festival

6:30PM – 6:45PM


Introductory session among the entrepreneurs



Presentation of the potential upcoming startups and products of Northeast India by Mr. Sudip Dhar ,Vice President , Northeast Startup Festival

7:00PM -7:15PM


Investment discussion & understanding



Invitation to 3-4 Startup Founders  / Entrepreneurs/investors  ( Sectors can be discussed )



Networking Snacks


  1. Our Next plan of action: 

Similar program like the 2019 event :

We look forward to each and every startup founder, entrepreneur, professional, consultant, freelancers to join with us in the South East Asian Connect.

For registration and participation for the events, please connect

Mr. Pankaj Gogoi

President & Founder, Northeast Startup Festival (

Email :,  Phone +91-9954540493

Director, Redlemon Technologies Pvt. Ltd

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