Northeast Hackathon 2023
Problem Statements

The problem statements of the Northeast Hackathon 2023 are as follows:


1. Contribute to SDG/ Clean Water/ Clean Energy/Sustainable cities / Climate action.
a. To develop the rising issue of water table of Guwahati City.
b. To segregate the municipal wastes of Guwahati through segregation technique and concepts.
c. To develop solutions for the Water logging problems during flood of Assam in different cities across Assam and the same can be replicated for all cities across Northeast India.
d. Application of green building solutions as an element for sustainable solutions for home and real estate.
e. To provide solution model for safeguarding low lying areas in case of leakage of Dam water / Artificial Flood with technology used cases .

2. Health Care augmentation / Infrastructure /Community Health/ Medicine/ Healthcare devices
a. Providing Health care services to old aged people with the adoption of Technology and healthcare solutions.
b. To develop Mobile health services across rural areas, flood affected areas and emergency services.
c. To provide solutions with the help of NGO how community health in terms of child malnutrition is solved, women health and sanitation for rural and urban areas with low cost effective health solution.
d. Working on biotechnology based research to develop medicines from the natural resources of Northeast India.
e. Product based development in the field of Healthcare devices like heart monitor, pacemaker, X ray machines etc and any other innovation related with Electronics & Telecommunications/ Instrumentation /Mechanical Engineering /Applied physics and setup a production unit in Northeast India.

3. Application of AI, Machine Learning, Block Chain
a. Managing the Traffic Lights of Guwahati using traffic analysis through google maps and then using AI to make the traffic management.
b. Application of Machine learning in the new developments across the world.
c. Application of block chain in the field of Fintech and wallet systems for growing companies
d. Application of IOT and AI to track the luggages in an airport from source to destination making loss of luggages of passengers.

4. Agriculture and Rural Economy
a. To develop model for production of agriculture crops across the Northeast India in all the seasons of the year, yielding maximum production across the states.
b. To generate employment across the rural areas for jobs in Farm to Market linkage and setup a working model with proper analysis.
c. To manage and store the wastes of the agriculture for various purposes.

5. Smart Education
a. To develop solution for providing online education to part time workers / house wifes /maid so that the elementary education is provided for teaching their children.
b. To develop students to adopt start up education in the underdeveloped areas of Northeast India through the use of training and coaching.
c. To provide a solution App for providing training for all kinds of learning – ex learning to play guitar, keyboard, vocabulary, learning foreign languages considering the trend of the students learning.
d. To provide solutions how the Skill Development Mission of the states can adopt new techniques for retention of the students in training the different courses and provide job placements to the trained person using AI to place these students.

Rules of the Northeast Hackathon 2023

1. The competition is organized for all students across Northeast India.

2. Last date for submission of the Business Plan (B-Plan) is 24th March 2023 [10 PM]

3. Participants can either submit their B-Plan on their own or submit it with their team. You may have a maximum of 5 members in a team.

4. After the selection in the first round, participants will be intimidated by 11 PM, 24th March. The participants will be evaluated based on a 2 (two) minute elevator pitch scheduled on 25th March 2023 followed by a 7 (seven) min presentation pitch round scheduled on 26th March2023.

5. The final competition will be held in Guwahati and the finalist will be notified by the hackathon team to attend the programme.

6. Travel and Accommodation will be provided to outstation students from Guwahati.

7. Prize announcement of the programme will be done on 26th March 2023.

8. Winners of the Competition will be incubated at one of the leading Incubation Center.

9. For more information about the Hackathon, please keep following our Facebook page –

10. For any queries, please contact

Mr. Pankaj Gogoi (9954540493)

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