Rhino Tank 2024

“Rhino Tank” is an exhilarating television program curated and presented by the Northeast Startup Festival, dedicated to propelling startups and entrepreneurs toward success. This dynamic show is a comprehensive platform designed to invigorate the startup ecosystem in Northeast India. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

Title and Introduction:

Each episode of “Rhino Tank” kicks off with an attention-grabbing title that encapsulates the episode’s theme and highlights specific industry challenges and problem statements. This captivating introduction sets the stage for the program’s overarching mission – to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

Regional Spotlight:

“Rhino Tank” sheds light on the distinctive challenges and opportunities that define the startup landscape in Northeast India. It explores the region’s rich cultural diversity, its unique infrastructural dynamics, and how these factors shape the entrepreneurial environment.

Startup Pitches:

The heart of the show is the opportunity for local startups to pitch their ingenious ideas, cutting-edge products, or game-changing services to a distinguished panel of experts and potential investors.

“Rhino Tank” serves as the springboard for these startups, enabling them to transform their visions into reality.

Expert Insights:

The program features segments with accomplished entrepreneurs, seasoned investors, and

experienced mentors who share their pearls of wisdom, providing invaluable insights and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Success Stories:

“Rhino Tank” brings to you the remarkable success stories of startups that have emerged from Northeast India, defying all odds and making a global impact. These stories serve as a beacon of inspiration, showing that determination and innovation can surmount any challenge.

Networking Opportunities:

The show facilitates networking events and resources tailored to entrepreneurs, fostering

connections within the startup community and encouraging collaboration.

Investor Showcase:

Meet investors who are not only interested in the region but are also eager to support promising startups. Gain an understanding of their investment criteria and how you can secure the funding your startup needs.

Q&A Sessions:

Engage directly with the pitching startups and experts during interactive Q&A sessions. Get answers to your burning questions and gain deeper insights into the presented ideas and discussions.

Startup Updates:

Stay informed about the latest developments in the Northeast India startup ecosystem. “Rhino Tank” provides comprehensive analysis and updates on the region’s most promising ventures and


Educational Segments:

Access a wealth of educational content on vital topics such as funding strategies, effective marketing techniques, and sustainable business development, equipping you with the knowledge needed for a successful entrepreneurial journey.

Community Engagement:

Become an active part of the conversation by participating in social media discussions and interactive elements. Connect with a vibrant startup community that shares your passion for innovation.

Episode Preview:

Before wrapping up each episode, “Rhino Tank” provides a concise summary of the key takeaways and teases what’s in store for the next thrilling installment, keeping you eagerly anticipating more. To ensure the success of this program, the Northeast Startup Festival is open to collaborations with local organizations, government agencies, and established entrepreneurs who share the vision of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Northeast India.

Join us on this exhilarating journey of innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth as we dive deep into the “Rhino Tank.” It’s time to unleash the potential of Northeast India’s startups and entrepreneurs!

For inquiries and collaboration opportunities, please connect with Mr. Pankaj Gogoi, Founder of the Northeast Startup Festival 2023, at www.northeasthackathon.com or +919954540493.

A brief about the First Programme: 14th March2024 , 11am to 2pm

The First episode of the Rhino Tank are as follows which needs no introduction of their expertise in their field of business.

  1. PVSLN Murty , CMD NEDFI – Chairman of the Rhino Tank Programme
  2. Mr. Abhijit Barooah, MD  , Premier Cryogenics Ltd.
  3. Mr. Sunit Jain, Founder, Gplus
  4.  Mr. Sanjivv Jaiswal, Chairman, Jaiswal Group of Companies
  5.  Joutishman Dutta, Trustee, Downtown Group
  6. Mr. Sanjive Narain , Founder ,AM Television Pvt. Ltd
  7. Two Nationalised investor

List of Startups Pitching at the Panel who will be given 7mins for presentation of their business idea. The startup details will be shared among the Investor prior to the Pitch Programme.

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